Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lights and Indicators not working

Recently we had lots of mud rains in cyprus.so the car was dirty. And also i have my second driving test tomorrow , so i got our car washed. After the wash, i realised that the indicators and lights stopped working. I did not know why they were not working. The indicators for fuel, hand brake etc are working.

It was 530 in evening and generally all garages should be closed. I had my test tomorrow morning. I was wondering if there is some electrical issue which cannot be fixed soon i might end up failing the test (for a no show).

Pradeep enquired and informed me that due to car wash - may be some water is left over and once it will dry off, it will be fine. I was hoping it is the case.

I tried to see if our mechanic who used to service our car was there. Luckily i found him and he came and saw the car. He listened to me and pressed the hazard lights button once. Then he asked me to put on lights and indicators. Amazing they started working. It seems like sometimes the hazard light button sometimes get struck and then lights/indicators will not work. Learnt a new thing.

I will show up for the test tomorrow. :-D
Now as it is fixed, i have to prepare for my test !!

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