Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Driving License Test: Second Attempt

Today i went to give the license test again. I prepared well - did lots of left reverse, right reverse, three point turn, parallel parking. I was hoping that cyprus will be the first country where i will get my first driving license. But not yet.

I failed again !!

When we go for the test in cyprus, there is a lottery to chose the examiner. I chose Constantinou - the same guy i chose last time. I went to him and he seemed to remember me. He started checking for something in his computer. May be he wanted to see what mistakes i made last time. He then asked me to identify some traffic signs.

Once it was done, we hit the road. I was driving fine. We approached troodos Round-About. He asked me to take the 3rd exit. I waited for traffic from the right to pass by. Then when one car was around the corner, i entered the round-about but the examiner was not happy with it. He tried to turn my steering wheel to the left. What the hell ? who is driving ? He later told me that it was too risky to enter at that time. I thought it was not so. But he is the examiner - his word is final.

Then after the round abouts, we came back and he took me a place we had been to last time as well to do Parallel Parking and 3-Point turn. These were the same tests he asked me to do last time as well. He took me past a red-mazda in a small lane and asked me to do parallel parking. This is the same lane and same car (may be it is his car or a car stationed permanently) where i messed parallel parking during my last test. To add more spice, there was a car behind the red-mazda. So i was going to park in between the two cars. I thought it was little difficult. I wanted to be careful that i will not hit the car in the back.

I turned the steering wheel to full left in reverse gear and when i was turning full right to return back to straight behind the red-mazda and when i was about to be fully straight, i felt it, the wheel hit the pavement. That is it.

The examiner told me continue straight and do a 3-point turn. I did it fine. But i failed the second test. Better Luck next time !

He said apply for test again. I am thinking if i should apply once more. I am thinking on it and waiting for my learner's license to expire in end of june. Let's see how it goes.


Biju said...

:( hard luck man..
better luck next time.. try again!!

Vikesh said...

what a bad luck..
may be you should have chosen different guy this time ..

Skely said...

cool, now i know of another person whose LLR will be expired... :) te other person i know is yours truly..