Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vinayaka Chavithi

It was Vinayaka Chavithi (Chathurthi) last saturday (15-SEP). As usual i woke up and checked mail. There was a mail from Kalyan regarding vinayaka chavithi. He had wished us and sent link to a mp3 file which had the vratham and the katha.

In cyprus, we dont have any temples. All pooja happens in the house only. I wanted to do some saami kumbuduradu (devudiki pooja). I called home and took bath. I cleaned the saami pathams (pathaalu) and lit the scented candle (don't have deepam). I put sugar as naivedyam to swami. I lit a agarbathi. I played the vratham and the katha and heard it. Tried to do as many things possible which were mentioned in it. Then put akshatha on the head and completed the pooja.

Puneeth invited me for dinner that night. As Anupama and Puneeth had not heard the samanthaka dosham katha, i told them the story and they put akshatha on their head. Now they won't get into any neelapanindalu. After that we had our dinner. Anupama had made bholi (bobbatlu). It was very nice.

I have taken a resolution on that day that i will not do something (undisclosed). Need to see how long will i hold on to that.

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