Friday, September 14, 2007

India Won

What a match !!

First the match does not get washed out because of rain. Then we make a very competitive score thanks to Uthappa and Irfan. Then we do a very good job of defending it. Then once Afridi is gone, we give out 27 runs in next seven deliveries and the match gets the second turn. Then the final one with the run-out, then we tie. The match goes to a bowl-out. We choose most spinners and all of them hit the wicket while all of pakistan bowlers. We win in the bowl-out.

All this when i am watching a match fully after a really long time. It was very exciting. Enjoyed every moment of it.

I feel it was a match which could have been won with little ease after Afridi was gone and we took it to a very very close finish. In the end it turned out to be a very good selection of spinners for the final bowl out.

I still don't understand why do we have to take everything to a really really close finish. Can somebody tell ?

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