Saturday, October 13, 2007

Google changed my identity

On Thursday debu pinged me close to midnight. I was chatting from google talk and debu was chatting from google mail.

Read the chat conversation below ..

11:23 PM Debarun: yo
11:24 PM me: hello
abhi kya kar raha hai ..
so ja ..
assignment ?
Debarun: woh....when did u learn hindi
11:26 PM me: अभी क्या तेरे को पूरा हिन्दी में टाईप करके दिखाना पड़ेगा क्या
11:27 PM tu bata .. gandhi se mila ?
11:28 PM Debarun: omg
oh my god !! suki ??
11:33 PM Debarun: abbe
asking if its suki effect
me: nahi

8 minutes
11:42 PM me: did u see rupsa's snaps ..
Debarun: yeah i did
me: she added some more on orkut
Debarun: i saw
me: biju changed his status to "married" on orkut
so when are you studying ..
Debarun: wat r u doing at this time?
11:43 PM me: like this late in night
i shud ask you the question
it is only 1143 for me
for you it shud be 230 Am
close to
Debarun: huh?
where r u man?
11:45 PM me: i am in cyprus
what abt u
Debarun: oh i dint know
since when?
me: tu kisi bhi sawal ka jawab theek nahi de raha ..
11:46 PM kya huwa tere ko ..
call karoon kya ?
Debarun: abe bola na timepass
waise tomorrow we have a biz fest :)

Debu was asking questions as if he was surprised to see me chat in hindi. I was thinking what is this "suki" effect .. He was surprised that i was talking about Rupsa. Why will Rupsa share photos with me .. He was surprised when i said i am in cyprus. The whole conversation looked as if Debu and i were not chatting. The conversation was getting funny and both were completely surprised.

After that i called and then it turned out that Debu was seeing the mail id of rajesh as the person sending the messages. I did ask for proof and got the snap below. He was right. I asked my friend Vijaykrishna G working in google to report the case and he did.

Google silently changed my identity !!

Update: I chatted with DD today and she also sees me as Rajesh Vasudevan. I had a similar conversation and in between suki came :-) then i knew for sure she was seeing me as Rajesh. I donno why only with people who know Rajesh and me. My brother, my other friends all of them see me as prakash. She was also chatting from Gmail chat.

DD also told me that google sometimes mis delivers emails to wrong mail ids. That is a little too crazy. Google, fix these !!


Biju said...

must be a bug in the chat client (on Debu's side).

Vikesh said...

Thats an interesting conversation ...

Skely said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha