Monday, December 10, 2007

Alive post

Just to let you know that i am alive !!

I am fine and kicking in Pune. Back to work for a month long business trip after a nice vacation (3.5 weeks) with family and friends. After last minute change of plans, i reached home in time for Diwali with family and enjoyed bursting crackers.

I met many friends during the vacation. Generally i end up missing meeting somebody everytime i come to India. This time it was Vijaykiran.

The vacation is kinda still continuing. Last weekend i was in mumbai to meet Vikramaditya Kidambi and Prashanthi. Vikram is my intermediate college friend and was part of the "tana tandana" batch at Masters Educational Academy in Guntur. It was very nice to meet him after a gap of around 7.5-8.5 years. I had a nice time talking to him about lot of things and i was treated with great hospitality and good food (vikram cooks really well :-D ). I went to see Gateway of India and Marine drive and had the famous mumbai pav bhaji as well.

I had plans last month to go to Hyderabad for Harsha's marriage. But could not make it. So planning to go to Hyderabad over the weekend. It all depends on my project.

The project i just joined last week went into Production the same day i landed in Pune (02-DEC) and i am already being stretched. I am spending long hours these days. I hope i won't be supporting production over the weekend !!

More on Pune and my vacation later. That is it for now. Got to sleep now.

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