Saturday, September 13, 2008

Made a century

I scored over a hundred yesterday in bowling. I have tried many a time to cross it starting from 17 and reaching 99 couple of times. I try to throw the ball straight at the pins knocking none , few , some , all - at different times. Some amount of spin and the ball goes straight into the gutter.  But the balls keep getting heavier after the first game.  

Coming to the other bowling (cricket) , i can only throw not bowl !!


apmag said...

Good going! next time try for 200 ;)

maya said...

At first i thought it is about cricket. My first thought was you playing cricket ...

Then i realized the other bowling ;) .

Anyway congrats for your century.

Prakash Swaminathan said...

@Anupama, thanks .. sure .. will aim for that .. may be will start with a base 8 200 then move to base 9 and 10 :-)
@maya, thanks..