Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ravi's bday

Today is Ravi Vidhani's birthday. Prashant Paliwal and I started to plan a surprise for him. It started with the buying of an extra bday cake box as suggested by Prashant. We returned to my house with the Chocolate Caramel  cake and an empty box. I assembled the empty box. Then we took  a cake lid (plastic one) and filled it with cake rusk. Then we thought of putting some (fake) money (Ravi is a Sindhi :-)) . The first option was some chillar (pennies) and then we put some houses/bungalows from the Business game
 (Monopoly). Then we thought of putting paper
 money from the Business game of Pratik Doshi. I had only coins in my game so we preferred the paper money. Then suddenly it came to my mind that we have a printer and we can print some fake money. It will be more realistic. 

Last week i got a printer along with 4 other friends and i was yet to open it. We started to look for A4 sheets and could only find some one sided ones.  So the paper was there. What money to print  ? We turned to google. I remembered reading about the inflation in zimbabwe and how millions of dollars of zimbabwe currency is of not
 much use. We looked for the pics and got theseand printed them.  Then we also printed some indian currency (1000,500,100,50,20). Then it was time to cut them. Mahesh Jadhav who was helping us all along started to cut them while i had my dinner (choley - they came out really nice today). Then Mahesh arranged the notes in a circular fashion (less hifi than this). Then we decked the millions of dollars on top. Then we put a big page with a collage of notes as a cover.  In addition i wanted to give ravi a 501 or 101 (ek sau ek). So i printed a big 500 ka note (which turned out to be exactly like the original one) and a big One (ek rupee) ka note. I put them in my purse. Then we were off to Ravi's home. We parked the car a little far on the road and walked and reached his house just in time. Right at 12. 

Mahesh J entered the house with the money cake. While Prashant and Vivek Garg were giving cover, i brought the actual eatable cake in and put it on the stairs. Then the money cake went into fridge with everybody thinking it is the cake ! 

Then the wishing started and he got a few calls. Then the kicking started. Three of us lifted him and there went the first round. Lot of kicking. I only held one of his legs up in the air while others held him. He is heavy and there is lot of body movement. I do not kick any body these days. The days of kicking in college
 are long gone. I was lucky that i got off with just a full body lift by Tarun Setiya on my birthday. Everybody spared me :-) . But for ravi it was not the case. Soon the second round started. I lifted him up on the leg side. Had i held him for some more time, i would have dropped him. Ravi is heavy. Bix came and gave support and i went back to holding one leg up. There was lot of kicking - some touching by Prashant , Kicking by Mahesh Mehta , Tarun. 

Then we got the fake cake. Then Ravi opened it and saw all the fake money. Surprise !! Then i seriously took out my wallet and took the 500 ka note. He thought it was real for a second. The big ek rupee came next.  Then he realised both were  fake. Then the real money showed up in the cake lid - the pennies. Beside them was the 'cake' (rusk cake). 
He even broke one of the pieces (cake cutting) and gave to Vivek. It was fun. 

Then the real cake came out.  After his face and hair tasted the cake, he was on his way to get himself cleaned and got ready for the third round. Then came Ravi Vutla, he wanted a share of the hitting - revenge time :-). Then the third round followed.  Now Ravi's body needs lot of cushioning for the next few days. 

While we were sitting and analysing who hit and how much, Abhyudoy sarkar made a comment.  He said i lifted ravi today and tomorrow i will get sick as my hands will be paining.  Funny. I actually took a sick leave after i went back to gym for two days and did more weights.  See my body is sensitive to too much of physical work. 

Then we dispersed.  I will attach the pic of fake cake when i get it from Mahesh Mehtha (our DSLR dude). 

Happy Birthday Ravi. Have a great day. Good night.

Update: Added the below pics


Shrijeet said...

ROFL!! that was some creativity.
Damn, missing the fun :(

maya said...

that was quite a birthday party ..
you must be remembering the lungi birthday parties you were having at the college...

Prakash Swaminathan said...

@maya, for sure .. the memories were back ..

Ramesh said...

I still remember my hard kicks on your back on your B'day in college...

Nice to hear from you on the other day after a really long time..

Prakash Swaminathan said...

@ramesh, avunu ra :-) missing them for sure .. nice talking to you as well ..

Anonymous said...

Thank you prakash for memorable party....