Friday, January 01, 2010

Looking back at 2009 and forward at 2010

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2010.

I did a lot of travel by car in 2009. Met friends and visited places in Canada and US. Work was more busy due to a big release, had fun in the get togethers of the montreal MAYA group.

Looking at the resolutions i had set last year
- Being more in touch with friends
I did some progress on this one. Travelled more and met more of my old college and amdocs friends.
- Organize and upload pics
No progress at all. Did some bit of organizing of the photos clicked. But none were posted.
- Organize my contact list
Organized around 15 contacts into a central list. That's it. No progress here as well.
- Learn Swimming and Ice skating
No progress. Did not go either place even once.
- Improve on skiing
Did some skiing in the new year and the snow melted away.
- Improve in photography
Did some reading and progress. Yet to explore a lot.
- Back to active hacking
Did not do much on this front as well
- Close andhramahabharatam unicodification
Did about 1200 verses. Need to complete it this year.

The end result the year swept by and i did not do much on the resolutions. Not so good ..

I plan to do the following this year (more or less copy paste from last year) and spend more time in completing them
- Being more in touch with friends
- Organize and upload pics
- Organize my contact list
- Learn Swimming
- Improve in photography
- Close andhramahabharatam unicodification


calyen said...

I think you did best with "stay in touch with friends" resolution :-) very nice.

Wishing you marriage and lot of happiness in this year :)

btw, we share common resolutions this year, swimming,photography and hacking !!

V G said...

nice summary!
i too hope to spend time on andhramahabharatam this year.

apmag said...

Wishing you all the very best in 2010. Hope you are able to achieve more in the current year.


bhanu said...

coool Prakash...
BTW, what is the URL for Andhramahabharatam ?

Tassel Daley said...

It's great to look back then go forward.