Friday, January 22, 2010

Wierd dream

I was in a garden kind of setting in RECW. There was a group of students there. Few from each year i guess. I was in third year. Saravanan was there. There was a bird which was injured and down and students were trying to help or something like that. I see Rajiv S. , my intermediate (11th class) friend. I am surprised as he did not study with me in RECW. I walk forward in the garden and then i suddenly saw two of my old school friends Niran C. and T. Anil with whom i had studied 3rd/4rth class. I could not believe my own eyes.

Then i walk past Niran C. his face has not changed a bit since i last saw him. I say to myself, i will come back and talk to him after i speak to T. Anil. I go to T. Anil and then i think why is he in RECW. I think i may be in a dream as this does not look possible. I ask a few questions about childhood to T. Anil and he clarifies correctly and i am happy that finally we met again. Now i was sure i am not in a dream :-)

The wierd part of the dream was i was a grown up and my friend T. Anil was still only as tall as i had seen him last. So i was holding him like a kid asking him to hold tight my hand and not let go of it and also i was leaning down to talk to him and carefully walking him around the campus. Then i see Vamsi KVS giving me a very confused look. I walk on. Then T. Anil tells me that he is doing a DFS course (DFS - a subject in B. Tech. ?) in the college and then he would do post graduation in the college.

Then i suddenly wake up. I dont remember from where i enter the garden setting. Just jotting the dream down while it is fresh in my mind.

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