Monday, July 30, 2012

Laptop and thunder storm

The window was open. A nice big thunder storm came and made my laptop wet. There seemed to be a lot of water around. I shook the laptop a bit and let it dry for a day. I tried to switch it on a day later. The power came on and again went off.  oops ..

My laptop is around 7 years old.  It lacks the processing power of new laptops.  time to change .. But i had some data which was not backed up, so i did want to fix it or see if i can recover it.

I fully opened it up. There was water around the hard disk casing. Not a good sign. Otherwise the laptop looked dry. I gave it a good cleaning with blast of air and let it dry for five days.

After that reassembled and started it. The lights came on and it booted up. But there was no display. The laptop display was not properly attached. Opened and fixed it. Then it came up fine.

My power button and music buttons need to be adjusted. Otherwise it is working fine ..

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