Saturday, September 04, 2010

New york meet up

Couple of weeks back, had a small meet up with college friends in new york. It was nice catching up after college. long time ..

On saturday evening, after some shopping for kris, we went to Edison,NJ to have hyderabadi biryani at paradise. The place was packed, lots of take out. It has been a really long time since i had such nice biryani. It was so heavy we ended up walking around the locality for half hour before i could drive back to hotel.

I had not heard of Edison being full of desis earlier. We walked around a residential colony (hidden valley apartments). We saw three old ladies conversing sitting on the footpath. There was another small group on the lawn. Further down we saw a house (two storeyed) with people sitting all around in the veranda and talking. Then there was a group at the laundromat. It brought back some memories. "Edison is gentrified" as sujith put it.

The next day we went to Venkateswara temple in Bridgewater,NJ. Had a really nice darshan, it was calm. As it was raining outside heavily, we decided to have food at the kitchen in the temple. It is run by volunteers. Really nice tiffin we had (upma, idly,vada, dosa , pongal etc.) and after some shopping , i got back on the road to montreal.

It was raining like crazy all the way. Luckily traffic was moving and hence no delays .. By the time i reached the Adirondack reserve, it was pitch dark and the rain was fully on.. 2 lanes .. the dotted line between the two lines was hardly visible. The white line on the right and the yellow one on the left were visible and showing the curvature of the road ahead. The road is full of ups and downs and curves. It was challenging and fun driving alone then ..


Uma said...

Nice to sometimes stumble on to a blog and get a glimpse into people's lives. Hope you enjoyed NY. I was there years ago and loved it.

Lathavijayakumar said...

so nice to see your meeting with your friends. Its really a memorable one

CAM Jr said...

This post truly illustrates the adage, "That's what friends are for." Glad you guys had a blast!