Sunday, June 10, 2007

Invited Guest

On 29-May (i think) , Ram Kurvakat and i were heading to the parking lot to go home. When we crossed the road we heard a cat's sounds. We looked around and found a kitten in a bush. He was small and cute. He was trying to call his mom i guess. Ram said that the kitten might get hurt and we should take to my house and take care of it till it becomes big. So fine, lets do it.

We first put him in Ram's car but he started to move around into the front. So we decided it would be safe to take him in my car's back. So we placed him in my car dicky. Ram followed me in his car and we reached my home. It is not so good to be in solitary confinement for long time in dark. When we opened the dicky, we saw that he had retracted to a corner inside it and was not willing to come out of it. Ram got hold of him and carried him to the back of my kitchen. I was still a little afraid to hold him. Ram was more knowledgeable about cats so i let him handle him.

He was always running around our feet and trying to rub against our feet. Donno why they do that. He tried to explore a little bit still making lot of meows. I brought him some milk and soon he started to drink it. In the meantime, ram made him a cozy place to stay using a quilt and tried to get him used to it. Soon he got used it and was returning back to it.

Ram told that we should leave him alone and observe him. He was making the meows and was standing close to the kitchen door. In the meantime, another big cat arrived and seems like they were about to fight. At that time, Ram went and saved the small kitten and the big cat went away but was still sitting at a distance. Santhosh at times feeds this cat and hence may be it felt the new kitten as a threat to it.

Anyways it was not safe outside now. So We went in and started to look for a cardboard box to make him rest in the night. I had one from the cargo to cyprus and we put the milk bowl inside and placed him inside. We closed it leaving only one side open. He did not stay inside for a minute. He tried to jump and got out and continued exploring kitchen. Then onto my room and prof's room. Then he was lead back and this time i put him in with the box fully closed from all sides. He tried hard and finally made it out.

Ram started to play with him using keys and cricket ball (plastic ball would have caught his attention better !!). He did not seem so interested in the cricket ball but the swaying keys amused him and he was standing on his back legs to catch it.

In the meantime, Santhosh also came home. Then we decided that we will let him play for some time then give him more milk and put him the stairs for the night. Ram left for his home. Then san was playing with it for some time.

San said that the kitten was not too small that he would die and after growing up at home (rather outside home - as we dont want any pets in house) , he would not be able to find food for himself and also he was too healthy to have survived without his mom and also may be his mom was looking for him. So instead of domesticating him, we decided to leave him back. So san and i drove to office and left him inside the parking lot.
After that we did not see him. Hopefully he would have found it's mom.

Forgot to add, Ram named him Kittu. Bye bye Kittu. Hope you are safe and healthy. See you later.

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