Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3 years in cyprus

It's been three years since i came to this small beautiful island. I thought i would not stay here for more than a year but time just passes by very quick.

Cyprus gives you that cozy comfort relaxed life. I like it that way. But i guess it also makes me lazy. Working with Amdocs has been fine even though i don't feel the same sense of belonging which i felt in Oracle.

I feel time started to run from around 10th class. Till then i felt time was going slow then it never stopped being fast. I guess it is just the perception. :-)

Bijesh is getting married tomorrow. Congrats Biju !!.


calyen said...

3 years is a long time, you did it, congrats !

Kalyan Kumar
(seo conscious)

Anu said...

congrats CP! 3! any plans of returning back to india?