Saturday, July 24, 2010

Got my quebec driving license

Before i came to montreal, i was not able to get my IDP (international driver's permit). So i landed with my recently got indian driver's license. I tried to lease a car and dealer said it would not be possible without IDP. Hence i went ahead to buy my current toyota echo. The dealer would not let me buy until i registered myself with saaq (the regional transport authority) in quebec. They have a rule that my license can be exchanged with a driving test only if my license was one year old when i entered quebec. As this was not the case, i could not exchange it and get a quebec license. So i drove for 6 months with my indian license (as i am on a work permit). Then i had to have the IDP to drive. So i started driving again after i got my IDP from india. I actually got it twice and have been driving for around 2 years now in quebec.

With my status change, i could not drive with my IDP any more. Also i became eligible for license exchange and hence i got myself an appointment for the road test. I had 90 days before which i had to get license from quebec otherwise i cannot drive again. Luckily i got an appointment within a week.

I took a few driving classes just to make myself clear of the things to expect in the test. Then the big day came. I was slightly apprehensive due to my record of failing thrice at road tests in cyprus.

I along with the examiner sat in the car and after the intial checks , we got going. We got out of the parking lot and onto the road nice and easy. The test got off to a smooth start. The examiner cautioned me twice about not looking for the blind spot correctly. Each such note was a line on the back of the examiner's evaluation sheet. The examiner went on to see how i changed lanes, stopped at STOP signs , reverse parking etc .. I was more or less sure that due to my blind spot errors, i am going to get a retest. But once the car came back to the testing centre, the examiner started a discussion on the blind spot and why it is important. I am more used to using additional small convex mirrors stick-on my rearview mirror. However i need to make it a habit to always check for blind spot. To my relief the examiner said that i passed (84 was written on the sheet .. not sure what it is ..) and i will get my class 5 license to drive a passenger vehicle.

Getting a license has always been complicated for me. Anyways mission accomplished.
Lesson learned : Always check blind spot


Puneeth said...

Nice experience for you!

Prowler of the Night said...

so you can drive in qubec now?